• New member of the Expert Group for definition of the subject framework curricula for computer science Sek 2 (EDK

Coetry-Lab will open soon!!

The CoetryLab premises are under construction: from shelves, to the stage, tables, kitchen and infrastructure … there is still a lot to do! We want to start our summer courses on 18 July. Join our team? Check us out:

Steering Committee "Digital Switzerland"

Member since 01/2022


The Education & Skills Committee “digitalswitzerland” actively shapes Switzerland’s digital future. In addition to the challenges of digitisation and the associated digital transformation, the committee addresses the key education topics and thus plays an important role in the future development of STEM skills.


New Projekt Website "Making im Unterricht"

27.October 2021

Together with the University of Zurich/Institute of Plant and Microbiology, CreativeLab Zurich and the Zurich City School Board, the project “Making im Unterricht” will focus on creating a safe, open and gender-sensitive learning environment for Making.

Link to Website:

Our Coetry-Lab will receive funding

09.September 2021

 The Coetry-Lab in Zurich will is funded by the Manava foundation (starting in February 2022)

Swiss Bebras Steering Committee


CCTC'21: Call for Submissions

24.September 2021


Virtual Conference, 24th September 2021, Link, Detailed programme:

"Coding4All" online Workshop

24.July 2021

In cooperation with TU Graz, Austria and PH Zurich, Switzerland a “Coding4All” course will be offered online in summer 2021. This free and guided course can be booked by children and young people from Graz and Zurich and thus combines an international “Coding4All” idea.

Link TU Graz:

Link explore-coding:

"The Mysteries of Bebra"

31.May 2021

Professor Comupting Skills of Education

01.February 2021

02/2021: Starting at Zurich University of Education 

Professorship Computing Skills in Education

Center of Media Education and Informatics

Center of Education and Digital Change



DigiDucation - "Schools in Digital Change"

On behalf of the working group “Schools in Digital Change” (dt. “Schulen im Digitalen Wandel”), I developed a platform for the collection of open and free educational resources (OERs) for subject integrative computer science and digitization concepts. Visit our page: – currently only available in German. Following the success of the online coding weekd (“Coding4All”) during Easter (see “Talks & Events), more online courses will be offered in the future  (also by students). See also the newsletter announcement by the Federal Working Group of the Institutes for Women’s and Gender Studies in Lower Saxony (in German).

Coding Workshops

Furthermore, my students, who will be the future teachers of computer science in Lower Saxony, had the opportunity to gain their first experiences in the “classroom”. The Oscar Schindler Gesamtschule visited us on 29.01.2020. A number of 13 students received an introduction to Pocket Code and BBC micro:bits programming. See some expressions from the workshop [in German]:


Project "Gut Aufgelegt" GRRRLS Kuluturverein

DJ’s and coding? Those things don’t go together, right? Programming songs with different objects (e.g., a banana) or LED lighting via Arduino is quite an adventure – everything sounds a little bit bizarre. In the year of 2020, a cultural project called “Gut Auflegt” will take place. TU Graz and the Carobat team will cooperate with the GRRRLS culture association (and other institutions in Graz) and will perform different DJ workshops. Exciting!


Together with MIT AppInventor, Snap, RobotixRP, and Pocket Code (TU Graz / Catrobat), we submitted the 100&Change grant application to the MacArthur Foundation. Together, we will change the world!

Get FIT in Computer Science

This course should attract women in particular by counteracting stereotypes and clarifying expectations. The modules are all done by women! We will be talking about famous female CS scientists and use a game design approach. These so-called MOOCs make it easier for prospective students of TU Graz to start their technical studies. Available at

Start date: 05.08.2019

Available in English/German:
Enroll now:

Finally: Luna&Cat at Google Play

Do you love designing and being creative, and want to share your own app? Choose your main character and a background, add other characters to interact with, create a world around them, and realize your own individual story or game with them. It’s like creating a storyboard for a movie! With Luna&Cat’s intuitive visual programming environment, it’s as easy as drawing, writing, or cooking – and as difficult, too!

Find the app on Google Play:

Girls Coding Week 2019

Again in summer 2019, TU Graz is hosting the “Girls Coding Week”. During this event, girls between 11 to 14 years old will learn the basics of programming by using our apps Pocket Code or Luna&Cat. Eleven coding units with unplugged activities and challenges will prepare them in realizing their own ideas. Tinkering activities with robotics, Arduino boards, drones, and programmable embroidery machines will be part of the course as well. As a final project, everyone will create their own interactive, creative, and innovative app. For this course, no programming experience is needed.

July, 28th – August, 2nd 2019, each day from 9 am to 4 pm
@ Inffeldgasse, TU Graz


CoderDojo Club @ Graz

Starting in April 2019 members of the Graz IT community will host a CoderDojo club in Graz – once a month (every first Friday of the month):

CoderDojo is a worldwide concept that offers free coding clubs for children and teenagers. Our first event will be conducted on April, 5th from 16.00 Uhr to 18.00 at Coworking Space Spacelend (Neubaugasse 24, 8020 Graz).


Lecture "Design your own App" 2019

 “Design your own app” a “coding for all”- course open for students of all degree programs at KF-Uni Graz: https://catrob/appdesign

First Workshops "Code'n'Stitch"

It is important to know what our target group expect and wish in order to create sufficient emproidery patters. Thus, first they are able to draw and search for patterns online. Second, they program them with turtlestitch.

In addition, I performed a gender and diversity workshop for the whole project team (including F&T, Apflbutzn, and Bits4Kids).

Mini Track call for papers on Gender Sensitive GBL

This year I am chair of a track session on Gender Sensitive Game-based learning at European Conference on Game based Learning. Submit your research and join us in Odense/Denmark in October 2019.


Press in February 2019


FH Joanneum Blog Entry

“I want to engage female teenagers in coding.”
December 2018


Video RemoteMentor project

November 2018
Our Remote Mentor project, funded by NetIdee is coming to an end -> You want to know what this project is about? Check out this new video [in german]!