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Teacher Tranings

In German at PH Zürich:

    • MIA Aufbaumodule:
      • Computational Thinking (CT) – FS 22: Link
      • Leben in medialen und virtuellen Räumen – HS 22: Link
    • Game Design:
      • Erstellen von Animationen und Geschichten
      • Erstellen von Spielen mit handyeigenen Sensoren – HS22 Link
      • Making im Unterricht
        • Schnupperkurse: 
          • Wie kann das gelingen? Link
          • Designen, Programmieren, Sticken Link
        • Modul: (Digitales) Basteln, Erforschen und Tüfteln- HS22 Link
      • Themenreihe “Digitaler Wandel in Schuleund Gesellschaft” – Computatational Thinking (Link)
    • Künstliche Intelligenz (KI) macht Schule – HS22 Link

Online Workshops, Symposium & Conferences

Forthcomming Workshops | Talks | Conferences

    • 11.11.2021: Start Online-Dialoge “Zentrum für Bildung und Digitaler Wandel”, Programm
    • 18.02.2022:  Interdisziplinäre Ringvorlesung Universität Hildesheim: Einführung in die Geschlechterforschung, Vortrag: Gender, Informatik & Didaktik, Link
    • Steering Committee Delfi & GMW 2022

 Past (2021)

    • 24.09.2021:  VIRTUAL CATROBAT COMPUTATIONAL THINKING (CCTC’21) , Link:, Detail Programme is now available:
    • 16.09.2021,  16:00 –  Key-Talk: “Game design: from storyboard to one’s own games” – MNU Niedersachsen DIGITAL 2021, (LinkFlyer)
    • 14. 09.2021: Fachtagung: Corona als Wendepunkt in der Lehrer:innenbildung:  Wohin geht die Reise? ,  8.15 – 17.00 Uhr
    • PHZH,  Diskussionsrunde: Bernadette Spieler – Digital statt Frontal: Lehrkräfte und Weiterbildung in Zeiten von Corona (mit Blick auf die Informatische Bildung)
    • 23.09.2021: ONLINE-TAGUNG, Die Digitale Wende in der Familienbildung, Vortrag „Nach Corona – Was bleibt vom digitalen Wandel?“ Link
    • 22.09.2021: Judge in “The 9th International Educational Games Competition” Link; Categorie: Finished Games Categories/Installed on a Device Games
    • 22. – 24.09.2021: 15th European Conference on Games Based Learning, Talk: The Science Behind the Art of Engaging: Games and Support in Coding, Link
    • Cooperator in the Co-design Labs of the Gender STI project (East lab)
    • Rigi-Tagung “Medien und Informatik” 2021, Link
    • Online “Coding4All”-Courses: in cooperation with Uni Hildesheim: 2. – 6. August, TU Graz: 26. – 29.07
    • Organisation: The mystery of Bebra (Link), 31.05.2021 – 11.06.2021
    • 02. – 03.06.2021: FabLearn Europe / MakeEd – international conference on Computing, Design and Making in Education, Workshop: Creative, Engaging, and Playful “Making”-Activities with Smartphones and Embroidery Machines”
    • 27.05.2021: Research Colloquium “Gender Sensitivity and Playful Programming in Computer Science Education”, PH Zurich, Link
    • 24.04.2021: Annual Conference GI Research Group Women and Computer Science “Artificial Intelligence – trustworthy, explainable, fair?”
    • 19.04.2021: Lecture series in “Gender & Diversity”, topic: Gender and MINT (–>program)
    • 13.04.2021: Network event: “(STEM) women drive Switzerland forward!”, Link:
    • 15.04.2021: Workshop for teachers “Informatik-Tage” Zurich: “Design your own gaming app”
    • 18.03.2021: Workshop “Building Data Literacy with the Teaching Profession at Global Scale” Helmut Schmidt-Universität (Hamburg/Germany)
  • 24.04.2021: Annual Conference GI Research Group Women and Computer Science “Artificial Intelligence – trustworthy, explainable, fair?”
  • 19.04.2021: 
  • 13.04.2021: Network event: “(STEM) women drive Switzerland forward!”, Link:
  • 15.04.2021: Workshop for teachers “Informatik-Tage” Zurich: “Design your own gaming app”
  • 18.03.2021: Workshop “Building Data Literacy with the Teaching Profession at Global Scale” Helmut Schmidt-Universität (Hamburg/Germany)


Online Conferences |  Paper Presentations | Talks


Online Contributions

  • iLRN conference 2020: paper presentation on “Reducing cognitive load through the worked example effect within a serious game environment”, Link to Proceedings


Online Teacher Trainings

A focus of my work is the development and promotion of new digitization services for teachers. In cooperation with the Lower Saxony State Institute for Quality Development in Schools (NLQ) and the Competence Centre for Regional Teacher Training (KHi), I support teachers in meeting the challenges of digitization. As a member of the working group “Schools in Digital Change”, I design several training courses or strategy workshops for this purpuse. People from the university are brought together with teachers to work out specific measures for the implementation and further development of digitization at schools in the region of Hildesheim. These include current topics such as the realization of digital classrooms/infrastructure and the use of digital media in schools. 

Teacher Trainings (in German)

    • Every first Thursday of the month: Online training “School in the Digital Change”; Topic 03.09.2020: Distance learning/teaching with “Lern-Plattform ‘Niedersächsische Bildungscloud'” (VeDaB)
    • “What’s App? School digital! – Hildesheim Educational Days 2020 (Hildesheimer Pädagogische Tage 2020)- ONLINE event (VeDaB)
      My workshops:
      • “Design your own app”
      • “Digitization and teaching: practical examples”.
    • Training program “Teaching and Learning with Digital Media” June – November 2020 (6 modules)
      Module 4: 06.10.2020:
      Details about the training program (PDF) (VeDaB)
    • 13.10.2020: WB-Online: Internal Training University Hildesheim
      “Using, developing and sharing Open Educational Resources (OER)”
    • 03.07.2020: “Collaborative group work with AR/VR”
    • 04.06.2020:”Online learning for primary level”  (VeDaB)
    • 07.05.2020:  “Q&A sessions for online education” (VeDaB)
    • 03.03.2020: KURZWEIL #2 – “How can digital education in schools succeed?” Details
    • 26.02.2020: Mentoring Day 2020 – GHR300 (VeDaB)
    • 20.02.2020: Strategy Workshop “Digital Change” (VeDaB)
    • 07.11.2019: “Playful activities with smartphones” (VeDaB

ONLINE “Coding4All” Courses during Easter & Computer Summerschool 2020


All workshops were planned as 4/5-day workshops with 7 hours a day. This year, due to COVID-19, the entire courses, which were originally intended as coding courses on-site in Hildesheim, had to be offered and digitized as online courses. The courses were made available on the new platform DigiDucation (

The first coding workshop took place during Easter (07. – 09.04.2020) with 24 students in total. See interview by Uni Hildesheim  and @idw_online_en Interview:

Further workshops were part of the Computer Sommerschool 2020:

Further online courses (gimp, python, app inventor) and materials are developed together with CS students (future teachers). In November 2020 further online CS courses will be conducted, e.g., together with the Explore ScienCenter in Hildesheim and with the Robert-Bosch-Gesamtschule

Gaming Apps created by students during the online coding course at Easter 2020.


ECGBL 2019

European Conference on Game based Learning (ECGBL)
on Gender-Sensitive Game-based Learning
Odense/Denmark, 2.- 4, October 2019

International Educational Games Competition Judge
Presenting two papers:
* Girls Create Games: Lessons Learned
* “Computer Science for all” concept to engage teenagers and non-CS students in technology

GenderMINT 4.0

I was pleased to be invited for the panel discussion at the knowledge transfer event GenderMINT 4.0 in Berlin.It’s #MINT to be!

Scratch Europe

23.-25.August 2019
Scratch Europe

Scratch and the team of the Raspberry Pi Foundation invited to the Scratch Conference Europe 2019 in Cambridge. It was very inspiring to meet interesting communities from CoderDojo, CodeClub, CoolProject and many others.

It was a pleasure to present our work:

  • Workshop: Creative engaging and playful activities with smartphones for interdisciplinary school projects”,
  • poster session “Code’n’Stitch” project
  • Ignite talk Luna&Cat

Coding Courses at TU Graz

Three weeks of coding course! Many creative and innovative projects have been uploaded. Find them here.

Including our coding lab at the Maker Days – the hAPPy-Lab.

1st Wimen Symposia in Graz

TU Graz, June 26, 2019

Organizing Committee
Host for Round Table: DigiEdu – The future of digital education

Discussion rounds on digital education, digital work, how clever is smart? (cities), mobility, energy, and usability.

Our future is no coincidence!

100 years women’s studies at TU Graz

TU Graz, May 10, 2019

It has been 100 years since women were allowed to study at TU Grazm Austria. “If they don’t take away any space from the men and don’t damage anything”.

For this event, the gender equality office of TU Graz created photo cards of female researchers at TU Graz with explanations to their research topics. Thanks for this opportunity.
Fotocredit: Renate Trummer

ICGR Poster Session

11-12. April 2019, Rom/Italy

Topics of the conference: Despite some advances being made in the area, topics related to gender research remain pertinent and are gaining momentum in a changing society. It is thus important to empower and to develop research on specific gender topics, in order to acquire a clearer understanding and to obtain important insights.

Poster session:
The Code’n’Stitch Project

Link to the conference

Girls Day 2019

Austrian Chamber of Labour, May 24, 2019

Pocket Code Workshop and speed-dating sessions with female technicans

Female Technicans Talk

TU Graz,April 3, 2019

Title: How feminine is Coding?

Organizer: Office for Equality and the Advancement of Women, TU Graz & Department for Women’s Policy, HTU Graz, FIT


Workshop IMAGINE / ICT2018

December 2018: Imagine

Workshops with Pocket Code, Ozobots, and Microbits. Final idea marathon with students.

Link to the conference

Remote Mentoring Sessions

Link to blog entries (GERMAN)

The project continues with units in October + November 2018 at two secondary schools. Our mentors (who are university students) help girls who share the screen of their Pocket Code program. They receive 1:1 mentoring exactly when needed. It is a great project 😀

IV Inno-Monat

October 2018: IV Inno-Monat

During October the “Innovation-Truck” of the Federation of Austrian Industry was driving through Styira: Deutschlandsberg, Weiz, Fürstenfeld, Leoben and Graz

In four hours workshops students used our app Pocket Code to create their own games and animations

Workshops @SchülerInnen Konferenz “Ich bin online” WKO Steiermark

Workshops: 18th of October @WKO Steiermark

400 students had the chance to visit one of our four workshops at this conference for students. The workshop included:

) What is programming
) What is Catrobat/Pocket Code
) Demo session
) Hands-on sessions

European Conference on Game based Learning (ECGBL) @Sophia Antipolis

Conference: 3th – 5th October

Talk: Game Development-Based Learning Experience: Gender Differences in Game Design

Talk @ TU Wien

19th of October

Title: Gender-sensitive computer science didactics to empower women in technology

Abstract (short): Mrs. Bernadette Spieler presents current research and results from her dissertation in the field of gender-sensitive computer science didactics. She presents examples / reflections on gender-mixed classes and “girls-only” coding initiatives. As a result, a new teaching model is presented (in terms of structure, material, language, games, etc.) with the aim of engaging students independently of their gender. 

Constructionism @ Vilnius

Conference: 20th – 25th August

Talk 1: Learning to program in a constructionist way
Talk 2: Female Teenagers and Coding: Create Gender Sensitive and Creative Learning Environments

Girls Coding Week

6th – 10th of August
TU Graz

This one week workshop was designed for girls between 11 – 12 years old. We used our app Pocket Code to design games, stories, and own apps. Programming is super easy and cool – and especially for girls!

Coding Day City of Graz

26th of July
TU Graz

One day coding workshop at TU Graz with 17 students between 12-15 years old. #gamecreation #createyourownapp #Pocket_Code

Workshop on “Gendersensitive CS- Didactics”

11th of June 2018
TU Graz

Content: Dr. Bernadette Spieler presents her research and experiences wit gender and CS, reflection on own practice and explains  possibilities for IT courses. Discussions on teaching in gender-mixed classes and how the lesson structure and material used can be designed so that students benefit equally regardless of their gender. In addition to a brief input, the workshop also provided space for exchange and discussion, case studies and examples for integration into one’s own practice.

Gender&IT Conference Heilbronn

15th of May 2018

Talk: Reinforcing Gender Equality by Analysing Female Teenagers’
Performances in Coding Activities: A Lesson Learned

Link to presentation:
Link to publication:

Creative Bodies & Creative Minds Graz

26th – 27th March 2018
KF University of Graz
Conference organizing committee, session chair

Workshop & Lunch Talk: For the workshop the participants worked alone or in a small team and code a game app. They learnt something about coding through direct experience, tinkering, collaboration,
and  creativity.  To  think  about  an  idea  first  can  be  hard  sometimes.  That’s  why  we  proposed initial ideas and code fragments they could use within their game.

DigBiz Talk Graz

21st of March 2018
DigBiz Award

Jury & Ignite Talk: Women in Technology – Shape the world of tomorrow


Students’ Conference “DIGITALIZATION”

25th of October 2017 Vienna/Austria

Panel discussion, expert interview, workshop

Workshops @Graz & Vienna

PH Steiermark, Game City Vienna, …

European Conference on Game Based Learning – Graz

4th – 6th of October 2017

Talk: Evaluation of Game Templates to support Programming Activities in Schools

Link to the conference

More past events will be added soon…