Exploring Making in Schools: A Maker-Framework for Teachers in K12

ACM Reference Format: Bernadette Spieler, Tobias M. Schifferle, and Manuela Dahinden. 2022. Exploring Making in Schools: A Maker-Framework for Teachers in K12. In 6th FabLearn Europe / MakeEd Conference 2022 (FabLearn Europe / MakeEd
2022), May 30–31, 2022, Copenhagen, Denmark. ACM, New York, NY, USA,
7 pages. https://doi.org/10.1145/3535227.3535234

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[in German] Gendersensible Gestaltung eines Computational-Thinking-Kurses mit Hilfe des PECC-Modells

ZitationshinweisSpieler, B. (2022): Gendersensible Gestaltung eines Computational-Thinking-Kurses mit Hilfe des PECC-Modells, In: R. Knackstedt, J. Sander, J. Kolomitchouk (Hrsg.) Kompetenzmodelle für den Digitalen Wandel: Orientierungshilfen und Anwendungsbeispiele, Springer-Verlag GmbH, Berlin, Deutschland, S. 183 – 201. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-662-63673-2_9

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Episode/Interview “techshelikes” Podcast

Have you heard the latest techshelikes podcast episode with Bernadette Spieler? I’m particularly excited about this episode because Bernadette and I have one thing in common: We both work in computer science didactics. In the conversation, Bernadette talks about what computer science education is all about and how she lives her vision of “supporting children” as a software developer and eventually as a computer science educator, setting a good example for a job with purpose and impact in computer science.

Link to the podcast episode (in GERMAN): https://techshelikes.co/bernadette-spieler/

3 Computer Science Professors – 3 questions

In 2021, the year in which Switzerland celebrates the 50th anniversary of women’s right to vote, positive effects towards more gender equality can be seen on many levels. The PHs play a key role with the training of future teachers. The Swiss Association for Computer Science in Education SV!A presents three female computer science professors at once:

Dorit Assaf, PH FHNW , Mareen Grillenberger, PHSZ, and Bernadette Spieler, PHZH.

See the article (in GERMAN):

Six new professors [German]

In a small, festive setting, Rector Heinz Rhyn presented the six new professors of the PH Zurich with their certificates from the University of Applied Sciences Council. Congratulations to Anja Sieber, Bernadette Spieler, Barbara Getto, Tobias Röhl, Michael Geiss and Patrick Bettinger!

Link: https://phzh.ch/de/ueber-uns/Medien/News/2021/09/sechs-neue-professorinnen/

Michael Geiss, Patrick Bettinger, Barbara Getto, Tobias Röhl, Heinz Rhyn, Bernadette Spieler, Anja Sieber

DIZH Making@School starting in October 2021

See press links:

PH Zurich: https://phzh.ch/de/ueber-uns/Medien/News/2021/06/dizh-innovationsprojekte/ 

DIZH: https://dizh.ch/innovationsprogramm/projekte/2021-1-makingschool/

The DIZH-projects aims to promote cooperation between Zurich’s universities in the field of digitisation and to enable and drive innovative developments in the areas of teaching, education and digitisation, thereby strengthening Zurich as a location for research and business.

One of the 10 innovation projects is making@school, which aims to bring maker education to teacher training and education. In cooperation with University of Zurich/CreativeLab Zürich and the school office of the city of Zurich as a practical partner we will create different maker modules (basics, CS, bio-tinkering,…) as Open Educational Resources (OER).