Pocket Game Jams: a Constructionist  Approach at Schools

Reference Format: PETRI, A., SCHINDLER, C., SLANY, W., AND SPIELER, B. 2015. Pocket Code Game Jams: a Constructionist Approach at Schools. In Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services Adjunct. August 24-25, 2015. Copenhagen, Denmark, p. 1207-1211.

Anja  Petri, Christian  Schindler, Wolfgang  Slany, Bernadette Spieler, Jonathan Smith


The  constructionist  approach is more  interested in constructing  personal experience  than about acquiring information.  It states that  learning is most effective when building  knowledge through  active engagement. Experiential  and discovery  learning by challenges  inspire creativity, and projects allow independent thinking and new ways of learning information. This paper describes how the “No  One Left  Behind” (NOLB)  project plans to  integrate this approach into school curricula using two concepts. The first  one is  to enable  students to create their own games with  Pocket  Code by  using its  easy-to-learn  visual programming  language. The  second concept is  to foster collaboration and teamwork through hands-on sessions by conducting Game Jams using Pocket Code, so called Pocket Game Jams. We present insights into such a Pocket Game Jam and give an outlook on how we will  use this concept.

Anja  Petri, Christian  Schindler, Wolfgang  Slany, Bernadette Spieler
Graz University  of Technology

Jonathan  Smith
GameCity  and the UK National Videogame  Arcade


Pocket Code, educational application, constructivism, constructionism, learning by doing, Game  Jam, Pocket Game  Jam


Link: https://arxiv.org/abs/1805.04462